Brooklyn Properties has been in Brooklyn real estate development longer than anyone, since the days when it took foresight and guts to bet on Brooklyn.

We understand that dollars are being spent as your interest clock is ticking. Keeping that time as short as possible by closing sales fast, gets the bank paid off sooner! Less time is money.

We want to be there with you from the start, to the final sale and into the future.

Use our knowledge and experience to create the most sellable product in this ever changing market. Use our expertise to maximize FAR. Every sellable foot is your profit. We will collaborate with you to develop a finish schedule.  It is amazing how many buildings lose a point or two with the poor finish choices.  Our sales team meets hundreds of buyers every week.  We listen to what buyers are responding to. Our knowledge is not theoretical; we know it from having “boots on the ground”.

When it’s time to market your building, instead of hiring outside firms at extra cost, we offer our complete in house team. Brooklyn Properties will create an identity and a custom logo, a website, design and install model units, and photograph your project, all in house at our cost.

Jay Tall, one of the owners of Brooklyn Properties, is a developer with decades of experience in projects of all sizes. He knows the ropes from start to finish.  Use him as a resource.

All of this is included in our service as part of the commission cost!



Shape Your Project Questions

Is your project at an early stage?

One of the initial decisions you will need to make is what unit size will sell best in the current market at your project’s location? We’ll work with you and your architect to consider all the variables; what competing projects are offering, neighborhood demographics, local schools, as well as the local financial environment. Our agents, including our support staff, live in Brooklyn and are familiar with the uniqueness and appeal of each Brooklyn area. We are neighborhood experts with boots on the ground and real knowledge of what motivates buyers to invest their futures in Brooklyn real estate.

We’ve got your number! $$$

Pricing is more art than science. Over-estimating your sale prices will only lead to a property lingering, costing you interest and being devalued by time. Instead of fighting the market, have the market work for you. We consider not only price per sq ft, but also the subjective factors that affect a buyer’s decision: things as variable as a unit’s location in the building, the esthetic, the views. What are the keys to “love at first sight?” Parking, bike racks, storage, washer/dryers, etc. are simple basics, yes, but too often ignored. Let us help. Our agents are in touch with what excites buyers; what gets them from “I like” to “I must have.”

Choosing finishes

We’ll work with your architect and designer to help determine which finishes, appliances and detailing will best sell units quickly. Will the Subzero fridge and Wolf stove actually add value or will the less expensive Fisher/Pakel fridge and Bertazzoni stove catch your buyer’s eye? We’ll help you make educated choices based on our extensive time spent listening buyers’ wish lists.

Is this your first project?

We have decades of experience to share with you. We can introduce you to knowledgeable and affordable professionals from attorneys to architects well versed in putting together condo deals. We can connect you to people we have successfully worked with in the past; anything to help you maximize your profits and minimize your costs.


Market Your Project Questions


We’ll work with you to prepare and design your marketing campaign, using our in-house advertising staff to create a name, a logo, and specific graphic design to give your project a unique and memorable personality in the market place.


Let our in-house decorator furnish your model unit. Properties sell faster and actually appear larger and more inviting if properly furnished with real furniture. A model unit serves as an ideal place to show the “finished product”, even if the other units are still under construction.


Our professional in-house photographer will take photos of the model unit, along with important building features and amenities, and will provide you with high resolution, quality prints for your portfolio. By special request, our photographer would be available to document your project from start to finish.


In addition to floor plans, our in-house architect can create or amend blueprints.


Brooklyn Properties will design signage for the building exterior and wherever deemed appropriate to reflect who you and your project are, not who we are.

Not only will your development have its own website, it will be featured on We will advertise in a wide range of on-line venues, such as the,,,, and


Go Public with Your Project

Getting the word out to buyers

Our agents will contact their active buyers early on in the process. Our extensive database of condo buyers will receive an email announcement inviting them to a special preview.

Getting the word out to agents

All our agents will be available at all times to show your project to buyers. We will send out announcements to over 2000 active brokers with Brokerages focused on Brooklyn.

Open houses

We will hold weekly Open Houses. All of our agents will be involved in helping to host your open houses. Full company involvement provides a wide net to interface between you and every potential buyer.


Closing The Project

Submitting offers

Every agent at Brooklyn Properties is fully versed in the buyer qualification process. We will, of course, manage all co-broke applicants to insure their qualifications as well.


Brooklyn Properties will work hand-in-hand with appraisers to assure that the units appraise at the accepted sales price; not always an easy task, in a rising market.


We will manage the buyer’s communications down to the final punch lists and walkthrough before closing.