The standard time from contract to closing is approximately 3 months.  Both the buyer and seller can negotiate longer or shorter target dates for closing.  Usually there is a target date with flexibility at the end of the process, dependent on the needs of the seller, the buyer and the bank.

The less predictable question is “How long will it take to find a buyer and have a signed contract?”

Market intensity + Sales Price + Market Strategy = Speed of Sale

We look forward to formulating a strategy that will get you the highest price in the shortest time.  This is the art of real estate.  Sometimes the right approach is counter intuitive.  An asking price too high may result in a lower sale price over a longer period of time, as the price may reduce the number of buyers who decide to look at the property.  Often a lower asking price will attract a high volume of qualified buyers who will drive the bids higher, maximizing the outcome both for price and speed!  We will recommend a personalized market strategy for your sale, on your timetable, appropriate to the ever changing reality of the market.